My Biggest Success

My biggest success was my mom and I. We found ourselves wildly out of shape and not much time left if we stayed on the track we were on. If I didn't go to get my physical and that doctor didn't tell me the life changing words "Change of Die", I probably wouldn't be here myself.  I went from 300+ pounds down to the best shape of my life and got my second chance. I want to make it possible for you to do the same so you don't have to go through what I had to.

Chris Hemsworth - "Thor"


I met Chris Hemsworth on the set for the movie Red Dawn. It was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. A friend of mine had invited me to the set when the director was looking for someone "big and menacing". There I was introduced to Chris and that was history. When filming wrapped up I put my plans to open a gym on hold and went to Austrailia with Chris to train for 6 weeks. This is the training that let Chris become the iconic marvel Character "Thor"

Kris Draper

Detroit Red Wings

"I’ve known Mike Knight and trained under him for 13 years. 
We met through a mutual friend and I’ve consistently trained with him since.  
I played 18 years with the Detroit Red Wings, I was a part of 4 Stanley Cup Championship teams and have trained with Hall of Fame hockey players and elite trainers in the game of hockey. 
Mike’s passion and his willingness to get better is what makes him a very successful trainer. He is always seeking more knowledge and he wants the best for himself but more importantly his clients. 
He has a unique way of motivating all his clients no matter their background. 
When I walk through his door, I know I’m going to get an outstanding workout and be challenged. "
- Kris Draper

Stanley Cup Champion - 97,98,02,08

Rob Sims

Former NFL Athlete

"In 2012 the NFL locked the players out of playing because the hadn’t reached a Collective Bargain agreement with the NFLPA. Players like myself had to find other means to stay in shape while the business of football was being handled. Some of my teammates and I turned to Mike Knight and Art of Stregth to supplement our NFL style workouts. What we discovered was a new way to train and a way to improve functional movements. That 2012 season was the best of my 9 year career and I kept Mike’s methods with me for it’s duration and into my retirement. Having played at 320 pounds and now weighing in at 270 pounds, I am grateful to Mike for helping me transition in more a healthy existence."
- Rob Sims

Played for the Detroit Lions

Ira Newble

Former NBA Athlete

Playing 14 years as a professional basketball player 9 in the NBA I've be exposed to some of the best strength and conditioning coaches/trainers. 
Post career I was searching for a workout that would allow me to remain healthy and fit. I found this at Art of Strength with Mike Knight. AOS is not just a workout. It's a one stop shop to a healthy lifestyle. Mike educates you about nutrition as well as exercising safely. He will teach you and push you to achieve your goals. I'm 46 and I'm in the best shape of my life. 
Thanks Mike for helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
- Ira Newble



Marcus L. McGrew

2020 Henry Ford Health System Double Organ Transplant Victor

Michael Knight is an extraordinary trainer. His unwavering discipline and commitment to his craft and clients, desire to help those who are willing realize their best and highest potential, and network of wellness practictioners create the ideal environment for successful and sustainable health and fitness.

My journey from sickness to health, including back-to-back heart and kidney transplants and nephrectomies, would not have been possible but for my carefully planned and executed post-op strength training with Michael Knight at Art of Strength.

Thank you!


Diane Giehtbrock

Paige's Mom

Michael Knight was exactly what our daughter Paige needed to push her to the next level with volleyball. A little over a year ago we visited multiple gyms. The day we walked into AOS and watched a workout, Paige was instantly drawn to the level of commitment and the intensity of the workout. We knew instantly that she wanted to be a part of it.

We watched as she continued this past year to train with Mike. She talked about her workouts, about her nutrition, about her goals. It became who she wanted to be. She became more focused on her goals, and she became stronger both physically and mentally. My husband and I could tell that Mike was working. Mike was the missing link for her nutrition, her dedication and her love for being her best both on and off the court.

Mikes knowledge of strength combined with his intense love for being in a gym with people of all ages is the perfect recipe for Paige and her goal of playing at the next level. His dedication to her reaching her goals makes any parent feel grateful that she has found a place to grow, learn and flourish. She comes home in the best mood and laughs about how much fun the work outs are even though they are physically demanding. The gym environment and culture that he has created, keep her coming back day after day. Mike continues to push her and encourage healthy gym habits. We are grateful that he has instilled her with knowledge how the body works, and how building muscle works. I personally love his dedication to his health and his mom's legacy.
I feel like we struck gold when we walked into AOS. 

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